San Antonio, TX, USA, June 8th, 2016

MixIT has been successfully implemented in the Citrix environment for a major pharmaceutical customer. Citrix is a virtual computing environment that enables MixIT to be accessed by multiple users from a single software installation.

MixIT’s standardized central environment can be accessed from anywhere via a desktop, mobile or a laptop. This accessibility helps users avoid tying up their own machine’s compute resources, including, disk space, memory and processor backups. All of these are managed in the Citrix environment.

MixIT, is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, enterprise analysis system designed to predict stirred tank mixing performance with the unique capability of automated CFD analysis. It enables enterprises to design, compare, scale-up (lab to plant) and analyze the performance of multiple stirred tank reactors and bio-reactors using standard correlations and advanced CFD models.

With MixIT’s new remote accessibility feature, we invite you to request a free evaluation to find out how its user-friendly virtualization can help you optimize your mixing systems.Click here for a free trial of MixIT.

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