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Hydrogenation is a chemical reaction where an organic compound is treated with hydrogen typically in the presence of a catalyst. In the specialty chemical and pharmaceutical industries hydrogenation is typically carried out in a stirred tank reactor. Hydrogen gas is either sparged or entrained from the gas cap by a vortex.

The performance of hydrogenation reactor depends on the gas-liquid mixing, mass transfer rates, and solid catalysts distribution. These factors directly depend on the power dissipation and mixing patterns generated by the impellers of the reactor. Thus, power dissipation and mixing patterns play a key role in determining the selectivity and yield of a reactor based hydrogenation process.

Image:  Hydrogenation Reactor Performance. Colors:  Blue-100% Gas and Red-100% Liquid

One must also consider the configuration of different reactors used as their geometries are quite often non-standard. Estimating power consumption in a hydrogenation process using standard correlations for a non-standard geometry may lead to erroneous calculations.

This necessitates the use of a mixing analysis tool that helps in predicting the performance of standard and non-standard hydrogenation reactors. MixIT, the enterprise mixing analysis tool provides the flexibility to analyze the mixing performance of standard and custom reactor geometries. Register to MixIT.

Hydrogen dispersion

Hydrogen dispersion

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