BMS and Tridiagonal Solutions Inc co-present at the 14 AICHE meeting

BMS and Tridiagonal Solutions Inc co-presented on the use of CFD Analysis to solve an API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) crystallization process scale up problem at 14AIChE Annual Meeting.

Atlanta, GA, Nov 19th, 2014

The Use of CFD Modeling to Understand Variability in Particle Agglomeration in an API Crystallization was presented by Chester E. Markwalter1, Brenda Remy1, Jason Sweeney1, Shawn Pack1, Tarang Bulchandani2, Gopal Kasat2 and Damodaran Vedapuri2, (1) Chemical Development, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., New Brunswick, NJ, (2) Tridiagonal Solutions Inc., San Antonio, TX.

Powder property control for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) is important to ensure efficacy and to enable consistent manufacturing of the drug product.  In this presentation the scale up of an API crystallization process in which mixing controlled agglomerate formation was discussed. Standard mixing correlations (tip speed, energy input) did not provide predictive agglomerate control. MixIT was used to perform computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of mixing conditions across the pilot scale reactors.  The mixing simulations were then applied to the proposed manufacturing scale crystallizer. The resulting batches demonstrated consistent powder property control in the larger scale API crystallizer. You can read more at AlChE paper.

About BMS

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) is a Bio-pharmaceutical Company. The Company’s pharmaceutical products include chemically-synthesized drugs, or small molecules, and an increasing portion of products produced from biological processes (typically involving recombinant DNA technology), called biologics.

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Tridiagonal Solutions is an advanced engineering solutions provider with expertise in process performance enhancement and product development solutions for industrial clients worldwide. Their portfolio includes process engineering, CFD, EFD, Discrete Element Modeling services and chemical mixing simulation products . Tridiagonal Solutions caters to the Chemical and Process,  Oil and Gas,  Consumer goods, Food,  Electronics,  Power Generation and Healthcare Industries. For more information please visit or call (210) 858-6192.

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