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Batch mixing in stirred tank is an important operation in the process Industry. It can be a single phase mixing where miscible liquids are involved or multi-phase mixing where solids suspension or gas dispersion takes place. This involves dispersion of solids or gases in liquids.

Based on the above phases, here are some common mixing mistakes:

  • Not using axial impellers for mixing of miscible liquids or suspending solids.
  • Not using a radial impeller for dispersing gas.
  • Not creating a good vortex for dispersing head space gas into liquids.
  • Not mixing reactants at the molecular level for the micro-mixing controlled reactions.
  • Inadequate gas-liquid / solid-liquid / liquid-liquid inter-facial area to achieve inter-phase mass transfer for multi-phase mixing.

Product enhancements and process optimization necessitate qualitative mixing processes in major process industries.Complex industrial mixing processes with critical mixing compositions, component selections and design patterns with effective scale-ups are needed to reduce operational costs and mixing duration. Inadequate mixing can affect conversion and selectivity and lead to poor product quality.

Connecting the dots between recipe, process, and product attributes necessitate a robust mixing mechanism.

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About MixIT

MixIT, a comprehensive, easy-to-use enterprise analysis software designed to predict stirred tank mixing performance, with a unique capability of automated CFD analysis. MixIT enables enterprises to design, compare, scale-up (plant to lab scale) and analyze the performance of multiple stirred tank reactors and bioreactors, by using standard correlations and advanced CFD models.

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