One of the Top 50 Cosmetic Brands – Oriflame talks about how Tridiagonal Solutions flagship product MixIT helped them explore the untapped potential of CFD modelling of mixing in stirred tank reactors in the Cosmetic Industry Space.

San Antonio, TX, USA, May 01, 2018
Jennifer Farrell, Process & Testing Technology Development Manager at Oriflame Cosmetics, R&D, Ireland published an article on “Scale-up Success: Untapping the Potential of Computational Fluid Dynamics” in Cosmetics & Toileteries Magazine on May 01, 2018. This article represents how MixIT – an Enterprise Mixing Analysis Tool and a Flagship product of Tridiagonal Solutions, helped Oriflame strengthen their ability to scale-up and transfer manufacturing and filling methods from one mixer geometry to another. Oriflame accomplished this by using the modern quantitative scaling method aided by CFD for mixing in stirred tanks. The CFD analysis performed by MixIT helped in visualization of flow patterns, mixing ‘dead zones’ and liquid velocities across a vessel.

The example shared in this article exhibits the benefits of how the process engineers/chemists can select the best vessel geometry for a given product. It also motivates the smaller cosmetic companies to explore this technology because of its feasibility and reducing CFD cost. To read the complete article, please login here

About Oriflame:

Founded in 1967, Oriflame is a beauty company selling direct in more than 60 countries. Its wide portfolio of Swedish, nature-inspired, innovative beauty products is marketed through approximately 3 million independent Oriflame Consultants, generating annual sales of around €1.4 billion. Oriflame has Global R&D centres with more than 100 scientists with one of the R&D facilities at Bray, Ireland. Learn more about Oriflame @

About Tridiagonal Solutions:

Tridiagonal solutions is a process performance enhancement service provider. Tridiagonal’s mixing experts team helps global companies simplify and automate their mixing processes, thereby enabling them to accelerate process scale-ups and reduce uncertainties during tech-transfers. Tridiagonal possesses more than 12+ years of industry experience and working with Multinational & Multisectoral fortune 100 Clients. Learn more about Tridiagonal Solutions @

About MixIT:

Tridiagonal Solutions one of the flagship product is MixIT – The enterprise Mixing Analysis Tool. MixIT is the next generation collaborative mixing analysis and scale-up tool designed to facilitate comprehensive stirred tank analysis using lab and plant data, empirical correlations and advanced 3D CFD models. It combines knowledge management tools and mixing science in a unified environment deployable enterprise-wide.