In the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry, Right First Time Scale up can significantly speed up the time to market and reduce costs of trials and hence product development. A vast majority of chemical products are made in stirred tanks. It is crucial to build up a reliable process and choose the correct equipment so that you meet your product quality attributes. Further, lowering down batch wastages and increasing ROI is another issue pondered by every process engineer.  

Stirred tank design, operation, optimization, and trouble shooting including scale-ups require an understanding of the mixing environment. Reliable estimation of mixing parameters is business critical. 

 Worry no more, Tridiagonal introduces a cloud-based mixing simulation software: MixIT on Cloud! 

Cloud Based Mixing Simulation Software 

MixIT on Cloud is a cloud-based next generation collaborative mixing analysis and scale-up tool designed to facilitate comprehensive stirred tank analysis using lab and plant data, empirical correlations and advanced 3D CFD models on the browser. It combines knowledge management tools and mixing science in a unified environment deployable enterprise wide. 

Now you can predict your chemical processes anytime, anywhere, with no devise restriction.  

Merits of using MixIT on Cloud:  

If you are looking for a solution that can provide you with mixing analysis/CFD analysis handy, round the clock but easy to operate, and doesn’t require any IT overheads, then MixIT on Cloud is the best fit for you. 

Here are a few merits you can count upon: 

  • Mixing Analysis on the Web – Anytime, Anywhere, On Demand  
  • No device restriction 
  • Move recipes from Lab to Plant 30% faster 
  • Extensive database of Equipment for quick analysis  
  • Analyze mixing performance at lab, pilot and plant scales  
  • Optimize process conditions and critical process parameters 
  • Achieve consistent batch to batch product quality and reduce cost 
  • No IT overheads/Installation required 
  • Maximize utilization of the Mixing Simulation Software 
  • Flexible Subscription Plans: Highly customizable, pay-as-you-go 

Standardize, Compare, Analyze on a browser with MixIT On Cloud 


When Should You Use MixIT on Cloud? 

Scale-Up from Lab to Pilot Plant: 

Getting the Scale-up calculations can be challenging and time-consuming when the tanks involved have complex and non-standard geometries. Looking up a solution to perform mixing analysis and Scale-up and Tech transfer smartly and quickly? MixIT On Cloud can be your day saver!! 

Troubleshooting Operational Problems: 

At times, due to business needs, you might be required to scale up the batch, which can affect the consistent product quality. On days like these MixIT on Cloud can help you analyze and foresee the process and make the process “First-time-Right”. 

Optimizing batch cycle times: 

MixIT can help you analyze and optimize your process so as to reduce the time required to produce a batch (with desired quality parameters). This makes your process more lucrative and ensures maximum utilization of the resources. 

Making Important Capex Decisions 

The insights obtained from quantified analysis of MixIT on Cloud can aid Capex’s decision-making. Making changes to the impeller system or any other hardware such as inlet locations, is an expensive proposition. Quantifying the impact of these modifications beforehand facilitates better decision-making for such CapEx items. 

MixIT on Cloud Free Trial

MixIT on Cloud can be your day-saver while Scaling-Up/Scaling-down, decision making for Hardware involved in your chemical process, troubleshooting, boosting the yield by 30%, and reducing the raw material wastage. 

While not requiring a single moment of IT installation, you can just sign up and start simulating your chemical process, anytime, anywhere, and from any device. So, what are you waiting for? To start your free trial/request a quote or any related query write back to us at: