Reactor Agitator Design Analysis

Abstract: During the detailed design phase of a project, the process engineering team discovered that a reactor batch contents consisted of a biphasic solution as the dispersed phase with the continuous phase consisting of water, salt, and unreacted hydroxide solution.  In this reactor, the hydroxide solution reacts with the organic component to form a Product A. The existing design of the mixing system for the reactor was based on a homogeneous solution that was not mass transfer limited. The discovery of this biphasic mixture resulted in concerns that the mixing would not be sufficient to disperse Reactant A so a detailed design study was initiated. MixIT software was used to model the lab setup, make modifications to the lab, and then perform a revised scale-up for the project.

Garry R. Bryan

Senior Manufacturing Technologist,
Bayer Crop Science

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Latif Shaikh

Senior Manager,
Cipla Ltd