“MixIT is a perfect tool to do this quickly and with minimal investment in time and energy.”

Matthew Jorgensen, Nalas Engineering

“The program is easy to use and provides helpful information designing, modifying, and troubleshooting mixing applications.”

Jeremy Patt , Valspar Corporation

“I recommend Tridiagonal software (MixIT) for a number of reasons. First, is the outstanding support and tutelage that MixIT team provides. Team’s responsiveness and comprehensive approach to teaching the software is superlative.”

Sean J. Donkin, President/CEO , Cleveland Mixers

MixIT from Tridiagonal Software is really very useful tool to understand mixing parameters
( meso mixing, micromixing, tracer studies, visualize mixing, shear rate, etc…).These parameters are useful to tackle the problem of filtration, crystallization, and reaction slowness.

MixIT is a highly capable CFD software tailored for modeling multiphase flows. Its user-friendly interface, advanced multiphase modeling capabilities, efficient solver performance, and robust validation tools make it a valuable asset for engineers like me. Its overall performance and versatility make it a compelling choice for tackling complex fluid dynamics problems across our field

Aman Singh, dsm-firmenich