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Chemical Process Industry Mixing Challenge
Poor mixing affects the heterogeneous product attributes and hampers the quality of results. Mixers are available in various configurations which complicate scale-up and tech-transfer. The challenge here is selecting the right mixer with the right set of process conditions. Furthermore, continuous improvement in the impeller designs, makes the selection process of stirred reactors more difficult. To keep up with the emerging trends, there is a constant need of staying up to date with the new technologies, products and services.

Why Should You Consider MixIT?
MixIT is a unique tool developed for the processing industry to provide new insights in the technological advancements and innovations applicable to stirred tank reactors. For any chemical process industry, it is vital to check all the parameters beforehand to avoid mishaps and equipment damage. This analytical and intuitive tool provides helpful information in designing, modifying and troubleshooting mixing applications.
MixIT has proved beneficial to the various industries that we cater to by providing deep insights to solve scale-up and troubleshooting problems for their equipment. It has helped optimize their mixer designs with an upward trend in customer satisfaction and productivity.
We have an extensive industrial experience which helps in developing affordable and value based technological solutions to stay in sync with the changing and emerging trends.
Comprehensive training and excellent support is provided as and when needed.
Our knowledgeable, prompt, and responsive customer service team makes the handling and installation of the product simple and easy to understand.
As you expand your horizons to new markets and grow, our application will scale up in sync with the upgrades and updates.

How Can MixIT Help You?
Increasing mixing efficiency and improving customer satisfaction.
Highly productive and customer centric solutions aiding in faster product development and greater quality compliance.
Constant enrichment, product sustenance and feature addition with the help of new proportions and solutions.
Technical, sales and marketing support available at your fingertips.
Enhancement of the overall experience with innovative solutions and developed methodologies.